We specialize in solving complex sewer and drain pipe issues. For over 40 years, we’ve been the go-to commercial service plumber to fix a Denver sewer problem or a Denver drain problem. Even if you have an emergency, our emergency plumbing services can still help! If there is one part of plumbing systems that people generally don’t think about (or don’t like to think about!), it is the sewer, drain, waste and vent piping. When all of these systems are working, they help us flush thousands of gallons of water and waste down the drain – keeping businesses, homes, and communities happy and healthy. When these systems fail or don’t work properly, it’s usually a MAJOR inconvenience, if not an emergency.

Sewer issues can include having clogged drains, sewage flooding in your basement or backing up in other areas. Unfortunately, many problems are caught when it’s too late for an easy fix. If you’ve got an older building or home, those old lines are more likely to clog, leak or break. We can work with you to do smoke-tests to see where the source of a sewer smell is coming from. We can replace old traps and leaking pipes. We will work with you to schedule regular maintenance service. We can also suggest smaller repairs that will help you avoid costly downtime associated with a major repair. Call us if your drain pipe is clogged or if your sewer line needs repair.

This informative article at Civilblog.org offers a good rundown on the various drain pipe types commonly used in buildings. If your drain pipe is clogged or if your sewer line needs repair, Security Plumbing is more than happy to help. Contact us to get started.

Image of Underground Pipes