There is a reason that so many of us have pets. They’re incredible companions! They greet us at the door after a long day at work, they provide us with laughter, and of course, they give us all of their love. We are their world, and in most cases, that feeling is reciprocated. Yet, there are a few downsides to having pets. Whether that be scratched up furniture, chewed up shoes, or accidents inside of the house, sometimes it can be stressful. One problem that you might have not given much thought to is with your plumbing.

Having provided plumbing services to Denver and the surrounding communities for the past 40 years, let us say, you’d be surprised with how many calls we’ve had related to pets and plumbing. And this goes both ways. Your pets can cause issues with your plumbing, but they can also be hurt by it. In this post, we’re going to provide you with several tips to pet-proof your house, not only for your plumbing but for the safety of your pet as well. If you have any questions or are in need of a plumber, please feel free to contact Security Plumbing today!

Wash Them Outside

Your pet, especially your dog, is likely a big fan of getting dirty and rolling around in the mud, specifically since summer is in full swing now. And they’re going to require a bath from time to time. Even if your pet is a clean freak, they still need to be freshened up every now and again. While you may be tempted to bring them to the bath and give them a good scrubbing, we highly recommend against this. When you wash a muddy dog in the bath, all of that muck and matted fur go down the drain. This is not good. Muddy dog hair is a drain’s worst nightmare and you’re most likely going to experience a clog.

The best option would be to wash and dry them outside. Yet, if you’re dead set on getting them in the bath, at least take a little precaution to reduce the amount of junk that is going to go down the bath drain. Give them a good initial rinse outside to get as much of the mud off of them, give them a decent drying, and then you can bring them to the bath! Whatever you can do to prevent that stuff from going into the pipes will help significantly.

Keep Chemicals in a Safe Place

Dogs like to play with unknown objects, especially puppies. So if they see a bottle or a can, it’s very possible that they’ll want to see if it’s a toy and give it a little playful test run. The fact of the matter is if you use chemical cleaning supplies for your plumbing and you’ve left it out in the open, this can be extremely hazardous to your dog if they get to it. In most cases lethal. Make sure that you have all of your cleaning supplies in a closed cabinet or somewhere where there is no chance that your pet can get to it. However, the best option is to avoid chemical cleaning supplies in general! There are plenty of products out there now that aren’t hazardous and do the same quality of job.

Close the Toilet Seat

Dogs are known to be fans of sweet toilet water, and if you use chemical drain cleaners, once again this can be deadly for them. We once again request that you avoid chemical cleaners, but if you do use them, make sure to leave the lid down!

Keep an Eye On Them in the Yard

Is your pet a big fan of digging? Well, if that’s the case, then make sure that they don’t dig too deep when they’re playing around in your lawn. If they dig in the right area and dig deep enough, they could hit a pipe and could cause significant damage to your plumbing as well as harm themselves!

The main thing is to just be aware, be smart with your cleaning supplies, try and avoid getting hair in the drains, oh, and give them lots of love! If you are in need of plumbing services in Denver, contact Security Plumbing!