Plumbing Fixtures (Faucets, Tub and Shower Valves, Toilets, Sinks, etc.)

Do you have a leaking toilet or shower? Do you need to install a new sink or install a new faucet? Security Building Services can make all the difference in your home or business’ fixtures. We’ve been serving the Denver area for more than 40 years. Our technicians can repair or install your faucet, toilet, shower, or bath valves safely and efficiently. If you are choosing a new plumbing fixture, we can give you recommendations on the best performing fixtures. If you don’t know what you are looking for, we can help you find the right plumbing fixture, and install it for you. Having the right plumbing fixtures can improve the quality of your life, help you save money or help you make more money!

Toilet Repairs

Toilet repairs can be tricky, and toilets tend to start having problems at the worst times. But fixing them isn’t only beneficial for your bathroom, it helps the environment — a leaking toilet can lead to thousands of gallons of water being wasted every year! Our plumbing technicians know what they are doing — they can unclog your toilet, replace your wax ring, provide general repairs, or install a new fixture for you.

Sink Repairs

We also install sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. We will remove the old sink, and deliver and install a new sink. We’ll caulk the new sink, and replace supply lines, traps and strainers. We will install a new faucet or reinstall an existing faucet. We can reconnect your existing garbage disposal or if you prefer we can install a new garbage disposal. Before we clean up and leave, we’ll make sure everything is working properly so you can use your new plumbing fixtures or plumbing appliances immediately.

Faucet Repairs

Faucet repairs can be as simple as replacing o-rings, gaskets or corroded valve seats. In other instances, faucet repairs are much more complex and require the help of a professional plumbing service. Compression faucets are fairly straightforward to service, but your cartridge faucet, disk faucet and ball faucet are more complicated. If not repaired properly, these types of faucets may actually be damaged in the repair process. At Security Plumbing, we are experts at repairing bath valves, shower valves, and faucets. Sometimes it is better (and more cost-effective) to replace the old faucet than to repair it. We do this when we find cracks in the valve body or grooves worn into the assembly. Sometimes, we find that accumulated wear prevents a watertight seal. If that’s the case, we’ll work with you to help you find and install a new faucet.

The Arid West

Finally, here in the West, having the right plumbing fixtures can help us be good stewards of one of our most precious resources: water. Plumbing Manufacturers International has a great page that shows how more efficient plumbing fixtures are helping contribute to community health and safety. We owe it to our children to use water in the most sustainable way. Plus, using water more efficiently saves you money today!

Get in touch with Security Plumbing to get the best in plumbing fixtures. Your home or business will thrive, and your future self will enjoy the comfort that comes from a better living space.

Image of Plumbing Fixture