Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Garbage disposals collect and grind food scraps going down your drain. They also grind up food scraps flowing into your drain from your dishwasher. Plumbing repair can be necessary when the undercutter disk becomes jammed. Another reason to repair your disposal is when the hoses and seals start leaking. Sometimes the impeller (spinning disk on which the blades are attached) wears out. Fortunately, we’ve got over 40 years experience repairing and installing garbage disposals.

If your existing Denver garbage disposal is old or beyond repair, we can show you a range of new units that work faster and run more efficiently than your old model. Most new models are also much quieter than older models. Ultimately new units will save you money and time, and our plumbing services can help make this happen with a new garbage disposal.


Since food waste disposers generally see a lot of use, we try to install heavy duty units. We like to install Insinkerator® food waste disposers. They have a large line of home and commercial units. Their commercial units are specifically designed for restaurants, hotels, schools, stores and hospitals. Having the right garbage or food waste disposer installed keeps your kitchen clean, and keeps it operating at maximum efficiency. Insinkerator also has newer household units can help you grind more food waste quickly and quietly.

Cleaning the Unit

If your food waste disposer smells bad or seems like it needs to be cleaned, Insinkerator recommends grinding citrus fruit in the unit. Grinding lemon or orange wedges in the unit (one at a time) with the cold water running can help to dislodge food waste and clean the grinding components. Plus, it smells good! If you need something more aggressive, Insinkerator recommends cutting a peach in half and grinding each half in the unit – along with the pit. The pit will help dislodge any food waste that is stuck in the unit.

Denver Garbage Disposal Experts

Call us to discuss what kinds of garbage disposals will work best in your commercial or residential kitchen. We are Denver garbage disposal experts. We are also plumbing and drain cleaning experts. For drain cleaning, garbage disposal replacements or repairs, or general plumbing services, Security Building Services can help. Call us today.

Insinkerator® is a registered trademark and servicemark of Emerson Electric Co.

Services for Denver Garbage Disposal:

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